Plants Leasing


Black thumb? No time? Here’s the perfect solution.

‘Plants leasing’ – sounds a bit weird? But it is the easiest way to add greenery to your interior. Indoor plants bring so much to a home, from beauty to happiness to cleaner air. I want to share the plant love and believe that everyone should be able to enjoy houseplants.

So what if you are a black thumb or don’t have the knowledge, time or inclination to look after plants? Plants leasing is a hassle free solution to beautify your space. Let New Leaf take care of everything! And with monthly prices starting from as low as $59, there is something for everyone. 

Get in touch so we can chat about plants and containers best suited to your tastes, lifestyle, decor and budget. I will then propose a custom design – and when you’re happy with it, I’ll install your chosen plants and planters in your home.

Your monthly lease will include scheduled visits to take complete care of your plants, so you don’t have to. Your plants will always look their best, and your home will literally have a new lease of life. Doesn’t sound so weird now, does it?