Indoor horticultural design advice for beginners and green thumbs alike.

New to indoor plants and don’t know where to start?
I can provide expert advice to get you started and help you avoid potentially costly mistakes. I will come to your home, assess your site, decor and lifestyle. I’ll then suggest a list of plants and containers specially curated for you. After that, you can do your own shopping and installations, or if you are still feeling daunted, I can take care of this for you: I’ll come back with the fully planted containers and talk you through their care. I you’d rather not bother with regular plant maintenance, perhaps one of New Leaf’s leasing plans would be a better idea.

Do you have an empty patio or small deck?
I would love to help you out and create a lush jungle so you can enjoy quality time outside, whether you prefer to relax or entertain.

Do you already own indoor plants and are in need of horticultural or design advice or help?
As a qualified landscaper, I can troubleshoot any issues you may have and answer your plant or design questions. Consultations start from $59 for half an hour.

Would you like to your improve your wellbeing and quality of life?
Plants help clean the air by absorbing volatile organic chemicals and help filter high-frequency noise. Some plants help with allergies. And importantly, plants are also very good for our mental well being, making us feel happier and less stressed. Whatever your concerns, I guarantee to find the right plant(s) that will make your life so much better.

If any of the above applies to you,  contact us for a chat and to book a visit.