New Leaf’s founder Amandine Bidgood

I started New Leaf Plantscaping because I love to share my passion for plants and interior landscaping with as many people as possible.

I fell in love with all things gardening and horticulture way back in 2003 while living in England. I quickly became a plantaholic, spending as much time as possible designing and nurturing all sorts of plants, indoors and outdoors.

Soon after discovering the bliss of gardening, I took my passion to the next level by studying for a professional gardening accreditation in my spare time. The course included garden design, garden history, pests and diseases, and organic gardening. I became a certified garden designer (or landscaper) over 10 years ago. Since then, I have enjoyed designing and caring for many indoor and interior plants both for myself and others.

I am also passionate about interior design and wellness. I adore transforming spaces into refined yet relaxed and playful havens. And interior plants are a great way to achieve this: they play a huge part in completing a design, as well as add to our physical and mental well being. I am responsible for getting quite a few individuals hooked on horticulture (#sorrynotsorry)!

New Leaf Plantscaping

“I highly recommend New Leaf Plantscaping. It really feels like our suite received a facelift. The lovely plants have added warmth and made “our suite” feel like “our home”.”
Lyssa, downtown Vancouver

My mission is a simple one: to enhance living spaces with plants. Whether you are a plant lover or have a black thumb, a condo dweller or live in a house, I can provide you with endless imaginative ideas and creations. And I can also help with your houseplants care, as one off or on a regular basis.

If you are not sure where to start or what to really expect (apart from pure plant bliss), contact me for a chat. I am always looking forward to sharing the plant love!